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AIC annual report

This year the Association of Irish Composers has concentrated on the direct promotion of Irish composers through concerts in our international concert exchange programme. 

We have hosted concerts featuring music from Flanders, Portugal and Great Britain, and have reciprocated with concerts of Irish composers' works in those countries.

In October 2006 London-based Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea performed two concerts back to back in Dublin which presented music by Gerald Barry, Morgan Hayes, Michael Finnissy, Christopher Fox, Chris Newman, John McLachlan, Deirdre McKay, Geoff Hannan, Karen Power, Eric Sweeney, George Crumb, Morton Feldman and John Adams. This was reciprocated with a concert in London by the same performers, at the Warehouse, Theed St. featuring pieces by Deirdre Gribbin, Simon Mawhinney, Benjamin Dwyer, Siobhán Cleary, Linda Buckley, Ed Bennett, Deirdre McKay and John Buckley.

In February 2007, pianist Daan Vandewalle from Ghent came to Dublin and Maynooth and performed Gordon Mumma, Karel Goeyvaerts, Alvin Curran, Boudewijn Buckinx and Galina Ulstvolskaya. This was reciprocated by a concert from Dublin-based pianist Izumi Kimura, who visited the Ghent Arts Festival in July to perform works of Philip Hammond, Fergus Johnston, Akira Miyoshi, Gerald Barry, Ronan Guilfoyle, Paul Hayes and John Adams.

In April 2007 the Portuguese Circuits Tour reached Ireland through AIC's hosting of Miso Music and the Smith Quartet, who together performed works from Emmanuel Nunes, Pedro Rebelo, Michael Alcorn, Miguel Azguime, and Joao Pedro Oliveira - including the multimedia opera Salt Itinerary by Miguel Azguime. In return, the Música Viva Festival, Portugal hosted the Fidelio Trio in a concert at the Casa da Música, Porto which included music from Donnacha Dennehy, Kevin Volans, Deirdre Gribbin, Ed Bennett and Salvatore Sciarrino. AIC intends a further concert in the 2008 edition of Musica Viva. Assisting in all this were the Arts Council of Ireland, Culture Ireland, the British Council, and the Instituto Camões.

All of the above-mentioned concerts have been of the highest level and attracted very positive comments from the press. More detail on all of this can be seen at 

The Portuguese exchange was through our ISCM partners Miso Music while the exchanges with Flanders and the UK were not, though the contact with Daan Vandewalle grew out of Irish involvement in South Africa's New Music Indaba in 2006, which was an ISCM exchange. Other ISCM news includes the selection of Scott McLaughlin to represent Ireland at Hong Kong World Music Days 2007 and the selection of music from Derek Ball, Linda Buckley, Bernadette Comac, Peter Moran, Grainne Mulvey and Karen Power for the national submission for WMD 2008 in Lithuania.

Our concert activities continue this October with Izumi Kimura playing another programme of Irish composers in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, where she will add Kevin O'Connell and Ian Wilson to the list of composers.

We have continued with our usual lobbying activities, which in the last 12 months have included being active in the foundation of the European Composers' Forum. 

We have also organised our annual composition competitions in partnership with the Feis Ceoil and Music21. Among the winners this year were Jonathan Nangle and Kazutomo Yamomoto. There was a very large interest in these competitions, which are now very established. The prizes are funded by both IMRO (the Irish Music Rights Society) and AIC, while the administration is done by AIC and Music21.

The AIC has a new honorary President, Seoirse Bodley, and the committee consists of John McLachlan, Linda Buckley, Martin O'Leary, Vincent Kennedy and Gerry Murphy.





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