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ISCM WMD 2019 Tallinn 




Festival details

  • Hosting Member: 
  • Place: 
  • Year: 
  • Date: 
    Thu, 02/05/2019 to Fri, 10/05/2019
  • Abstract: 

    Through the Forest of Songs

  • Location

    WMD Festival 2019 Tallinn Tallinn
    59° 25' 28.7724" N, 24° 27' 29.0484" E
  • Weather nearby: Saue 00:00-06:00

    5 °C



ISCM WMD in Estonia aims at introducing contemporary music in its diverse forms of manifestation. The festival mainly focuses on choral music in its various expressions of genre and style. On the other hand, the festival concentrates on the experiments between music and other fields of art, including the intersections between music and architecture, theatre, audiovisual art and literature. Therefore, we are inviting composers and sections to propose musical work dealing with the abovementioned themes while reflecting contemporary music in as rich and extensive spectrum as possible.

We would like to encourage young composers to apply, because of the ISCM Young Composer’s Award, supported by Music on Main, which in 2019 will award 5000€ to a composer aged 35 or younger whose work is performed at the festival. The prize includes a commission for a new piece to be performed in a future edition of the ISCM World Music Days.



Submission info

According to the “Rules of Procedure for the Organisation of the ISCM World Music Days Festival”, submissions should be either official (by ISCM Members) or individual. Only one work per composer may be submitted for a given ISCM-WMD Festival, whether through official or individual submissions.

For more information, see the ISCM’s “Rules of Procedure for the Organization of the ISCM World Music Days Festival” at Submissions by composers whose work was performed in the ISCM World Music Days 2018 in Beijing, China will not be considered.

Extended deadline for submissions is September 30, 2018 12 PM GMT.

Official submission

An official submission by a Section or Full Associate Member will enjoy the exclusive right to the guaranteed performance of at least one submitted work at the ISCM-WMD Festival, providing the submission fulfils the following conditions:

  • The official submission should consist of exactly six works (as specified in the “Rules of Procedure for Membership Categories”); In order to guarantee that a work submitted by a section or full associate member is chosen, the section/FHM MUST submit six works in at least four different categories.
  • Preference will be given to shorter compositions, and to pieces composed after 2008.

For more information how to submit via official submissions, please contact your local ISCM section representative.

Individual submission

An individual submission is submitted by an independent composer or a composer’s authorized representative. Only one work per composer may be submitted. Individual submissions are not guaranteed a performance. Space for individual submissions is limited, but we will consider all submissions to the best of our ability. Preference will be given to shorter compositions, and to pieces composed after 2008.

You can submit your work individually by filling out the form by clicking here and sending additional materials to (In case you don't have access to Google services, please download the form by clicking here.)

After filling out the form, please submit to the following materials:

  1. The score (PDF document preferred), or audio/video documentation if the work does not have a written score.
  2. An audio or video recording of the work (if possible).
  3. Technical rider which specifies all equipment that is necessary to perform the work.
  4. Proof of nationality of the composer (copy of passport or identity card).
  5. High-resolution digital photograph of the composer
  6. Proof of payment of the submission fee (50 EUR)
  7. Biography and programme note for the submitted work if you did not enter this information to the Google form. (max 100 words)

An entry fee of 50 euros applies to individual submissions. It should be paid by one of the following ways:

  • PayPal:

    Title of submitted Work

  • Bank transfer to the account of the ISCM (by mentioning “individual submission ISCM 2019”, and your name): ISCM-International Society for Contemporary Music, ABN-AMRO Bank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. IBAN: NL36ABNA0552532088, BIC: ABNANL2A

For more information how to submit via individual submissions, please contact


Content posted to the ISCM website reflects the viewpoint of individual submitters; its appearance herein does not imply official endorsement by the ISCM, its Executive Committee, or the Delegates to its General Assembly.