C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

Sanvincenti, Davor: ∅ spatial sound instalation 



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  • Program notes: 

    Davor Sanvincenti
    Let us start with the premise that the Universe is everything. It is the whole of everything that exists, including all space, time, matter, energy and everything else. It holds elusive truths, unattainable borders; in its omnipotence it hides both light and darkness, silence and sound.
    Davor Sanvincenti bases his interactive space-sound installation on questioning the relationship between the Universe and man, establishing a vertical course of interpretation, and closing the circle between us and the Universe. In mathematical set theory, the notion (empty set) signifies a unique set having no elements. It is at the same time open and closed, everything and nothing, just like the Universe. The installation was commissioned for the Music Biennale Zagreb, and is a continuation of an earlier exploration of the relationship between sound and space, the materialization of noise, or more specifically, the localization of the infinity of sounds in the expanse of space. The idea comes from counterpoint, from oppositions which supplement each other, finally forming a whole. The artist fills the gallery space with emptiness. The silence draws us in. In the place of the horizon separating the sky from the earth, the artist puts an olive tree as a witness of time. Left alone, separated from the crowds, the visitor allows the sound of wind, stars, waves, and constellations to take hold of the space and lead him or her.
    Scientists from the University of Birmingham, measuring the changes in the light of the Gemma constellation, discovered a couple of years ago that starquakes resonating from the surface to the core can cause the star to vibrate like a musical instrument, creating a harmonic noise. The relation between the size of the star and the sound has been determined – the larger the star, the lower the frequency. The vibrations cause expansion and contractions which result in a flickering light. In his installation, Sanvincenti introduces us to such flickering expanses of noise, light, and dark. His work consists of a trunk of an old Istrian olive tree, brought down by the forces of nature, polished using the Japanese technique of revealing the growth rings. Every growth ring is a witness of time and a pledge of a new journey. The branches of the olive tree form a kind of a constellation which clearly reveals the tree's decisions through time.
    Among the growth rings the artist engraves the glowing constellations of stars, present at the point in time when the olive tree succumbed to a stronger force. The stars intertwine with the tree's root, achieving total verticalization, the connection between the deepest and the highest, the known and the unknown, one cut with another. The visitor is invited to gently touch the time of the tree and activate the sounds, noises and harmonies of the music which nature inscribed among the growth rings. Stars are activated and ultrasonic speakers fill the space with the waves NASA's sound probes recorded in space. The sound of the constellation travels through gallery space creating an individualized listening experience, depending on where you stand. The experience is basically the primordial noise of the Universe, the harmony of infinity, the counterpoint of silence and noise, without subsequent interventions and classical rules of music. The touch becomes the symbolic connection of counterpoint, the touch of the inaudible. (Karla Pudar)

  • Technical specs: 

    The visitor is invited to gently touch the time of the tree and activate the sounds…





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