C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

Nurulla-Khoja, Farangis - F - Sweden 




Farangis Nurulla-Khoja: COMPOSER, PIANIST
Birthdate: September 2, 1972
Gender: Female
Languages: Tajik (mother tongue) English Swedish French Russian

2000 Abu Gazali grand Prize for the Orchestra piece Replica 2008 Joseph S. Stauffer Prize Prize for the best-mid-carrier composer 2010 A prize at 3rd MAGISTRALIA COMPETITION FOR MUSICAL CREATION for Orchestra piece “Parparon” 2014 prize from A.Petrov competition for composers for « Ravishi Nur » - a concerto for Saxophone & Sinfonietta

1999-2001 T.A. of Music at UCSD (La Jolla, California) October 26-29, 2012 University of Maryland Baltimore County for Master classes. (Baltimore, USA) November, 2012 invited composer at Stockholm Kungliga University for Seminars. (Stockholm, Sweden)

2005-2012 STIM, FST (Sweden), CAC, CALQ, Conseil des arts de Longueuil Fondation Rotaire, Helge Ax: son Johnsons Styftelse

2005, 2006 Invited composer in residence at the Foundation Royaumont – work on the project Maqam et Créations (France), 2010 Bellagio centre, Rockefeller Foundation (Italy) 2010-2011 Experimentalstudio in Freiburg (Germany)

Göteborg (Sweden) - School of Music & Musicology, Art Museum, Unga Atalante (Festival of Contemporary music) Concert Hall; Stockholm (Radio P2, TV2); Helsinki (Finland) – Film festival; Copenhagen (Denmark) – Nordic Film Music Seminarium; Vienna, Salzburg (Austria) - Seminar on Classical Music, New Music for the Next Millennium; Toulouse (France); Royaumont (France); Munich (Germany); Leipzig (Germany); San Diego (USA); Brussels (Belgium); Québec, Montréal (Canada), Osaka and Tokyo (Japan); Luthania (Baltic); Paris, Royaumont (France); Dushanbe (Tajikistan), International Gaudeamus Music Week – Amsterdam (Holland), CoMa Festival (Vaxjo, Sweden), Istanbul (Turkey), 38 rugissants festival (Grenoble, France), Rouen, Strasbourg (France), Amsterdam, Haag (Holland), Berlin (Germany), Maerz Musik, NYC, Washington, Baltimore (USA), Shanghai (China), Freiburg (Germany), Montpellier (France), Oslo (Norwey), Stockholm, Sound of Stockholm Festival (Sweden).

Performances by_____________________________________________________
ICTUS (Belgium), Avanti! (Finland), Atelier de Vocal (France), Nytida Musik (Sweden), Gageego (Sweden), Göteborg Symphony Orchestra (Sweden), Pierre-Yves Artaud (France), Daniel Berg, Duo of oboe and piano (Japan), Symphony Orchestra of Musikhögskolan, (Sweden), Graduate Student Ensemble (San Diego, USA), Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (Québec, Canada), Alexis Decharmes (Paris, France), Musica Vitae (Sweden), Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (Stockholm, Sweden; Royaumont, France), chamber ensemble of Eastern and Western Instruments (Royaumont, France), Quasar Saxophone Quartet, Goteborgs Symfoniker (Gothenburg, Sweden), Ziggurat ensemble (Amsterdam, Holland), Duo (Vaxjo, Sweden), New Julliard Chamber Ensemble, Ensemble Continium (New-York – USA), Percussions de Strasbourg (Strasbourg, Rouen, Grenoble) Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam, Den Haag, Berlin – Maerz Festival), Shanghai Symphony Orchestra (Shanghai, China), Duo organ and percussions (Tokyo, Japan; Freiburg, Germany), Montpellier National Symphony Orchestra (Montpellier, France), Oslo Sinfonietta (Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norwey), Oviedo Philarmonia Orchestra (Oviedo, Spain), Duo for violin and percussions (McGill University, Montreal, Canada), KammarensembleN - portrait concert (Festival of Sound of Stoclholm, Sweden); Turning point chamber ensemble, Vancouver (Canada)

1979-1990 Z.iyodullo Shahidi Special Musical School Dushanbe Graduated as a pianist 1990 – 1994 Institute of Art Dushanbe Oriental Musicology 1992 – 1993 Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford University) Oxford Research in Ethnomusicology Thesis on Tajik and Chinese Musical Tradition 1994 – 1999 Academy of Music and Drama, University of Göteborg Graduate studies M.A. - Composition, Göteborg University 1999–2003 UCSD Music Department San Diego, California Doctoral studies 2001 – 2002 Cursus musique electro-acoustique (IRCAM) Paris 2000 – 2004 Academy of Music and Drama, University of Göteborg Doctoral studies - Diploma of Fine Arts in Composition, University of Göteborg





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