C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface



Albanian Report


a. Construction:

1. With the grant (third phase) of the SOROS Foundation the DCCRM completed:

a. The studio for electronic music

b. The section of the publication

c. Other infrastructures

2. The Recording Studio is completed

b. The Centre as public information space

During the 2004 the DCCRM received:

1. A quantity of music books, scores and CDs by the generous assistance of the Canadian Music Centre and Mrs. Mireille Gagné, Director.

2. A quantity of CDs, scores and books with/on art music in the Balkans by the generous assistance of Romanian Union of Composers, Bulgarian Union of Composers, Macedonian Union of Composers, Union of Composers of Serbia & Montenegro, Mr. Zoran Hamovic and Clio Editions, Belgrade, Center for Contemporary Music of Kosovo and Mr. Rafet Rudi, Mr. G. Leotsakos, Greece (the Olympic edition: Works by Greek Composers) as well as of other privates (ca 40 CDs, 60 scores and books)

3. By generous assistance of private sponsors and Albanian Musicians Trust and Mrs June Emerson (England) - the 2001 edition of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians in 29 vols.

4. By generous assistance of Goethe Institute Thessalonica and Mrs Dagmar Junghänel, Instituts Leiterin and Mrs. Ute Petkakis, Leiterin Bibliothek & Information - the Handbuch der musikalischen Gattungen in 14 vols. and a numer of other books.

5. A quantity of Music Books on Israelian Music by the generous assistance of Mr. Martin Gärtner

6. The library of the DCCRM during 2004 received every month 16 musical magazines and music information bulletins from Austria, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Nordic Council, England, France etc. and also all Albanian publications.

7. The Public Information Space at the DCCRM is visited (January � December 2004) by ca 700 music students and musicians.


1. The identification of the manuscripts� inventory in the Albanian archives, libraries and families. Scores and recordings

Also during 2003 our work has been focused in city of Shkodra (north Albania). In some families of this city there are preserved rare manuscripts of Albanian art music from the end of XIX and the beginning of XX Century. Until now we identified and photocopied more of 200 (+ 800 pages in 2003) pages of these manuscripts.

In Tirana and in Berati (middle Albania) our work was focused in the identifying, photocopying, recording and gathering the music manuscripts and islamic religious music. It would be the first collection of this music in Albania. Until now we have collected more of 54 units of music and 36 manuscripts.

Our research also began at the State Central Archives who we completed a) a preliminary inventory of music manuscripts from second half of XIX - beginning of the XX century, b) a list of manuscripts of the Byzantine religious music (among these we discovered Byzantine musical notations also in a manuscript from the last VI century).

Our work continues.

2. Gaqo Avrazi - A history of the first professional music institution in Albania � The Ensemble of the Army

The preparatory work for printing is finished.

We are looking for sponsors for the publication.

3. Data Bank of the musicians from Kosovo

In the April 2003, the DCCRM began to realize a Data Basis with curriculums and activities of musicians of Kosovo. Until December 2003 ca 360 pages (A4) were completed in electronic form.

In October 2004 this Data Basis is completed and we began the preparatory work for printing. This information will be integrated in the definitive edition of the 1st volume of the Albanian Music Encyclopaedia (publication planned for the November 2005).

4. Updating of regional music addresses

According to an annual program, the DCCRM verified and updated its Data Bank of music addresses also in the 2004.


5. The distribution of information

This information has been provided, by the demand, to a large number of musicians and music institutions in Albania and abroad.


1. Tonin Zadeja � A Survey on the Music History of Shkodra

Albanian musicologist Tonin Zadeja is the best expert on the history of the development of the music and musical life of Shkodra, his native city. During more that 45 years Mr. Zadeja published numerous articles and researches that document the musical life of one of the most interesting cities for the history of Albanian music.

In collaboration with the author, the DCCRM began the work to publish a selection from his researches. The publication of the book is planned for the second half of the 2005.

2. A documentation CD with Albanian music from Kosovo

The DCCRM continue its work on the second volume of a CD with Albanian Music with music of Kosovo composers in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Music, Pristina (Mr. Rafet Rudi).

3. Composers of the Region (Balkan)

All materials (except from Cyprus and some curriculums from Kosovo) of this Lexicon are already in DCCRM in the electronic form. After the final consultation with partners (the board of the DCCRM, Union of Composers of Romania, Union of Composers of Bulgaria, Union of Composers of Macedonia, Union of Composers of Serbia & Montenegro, Center for New Music in Kosovo and Mr. Rafet Rudi, Mr. G. Leotsakos in Greece and Mr. Prof. Ilke Boran in Turkey), and after the reception of the material from Cyprus (Mr. Panikos Giorgoudes) and Kosovo (Mr. Rafet Rudi), follows the publication (planned for the second half of 2005).

We are looking for sponsors.


For the 2004 the Centre has published:

1. The Directory of the European Culture Networks, in Albanian, ed. by Prof. S. Shupo, ASMUS 2004

We thank for the generous assistance: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and Mr. Bledi Klosi, Minister

2. Art Music in the Balkans, collective work by 8 musicologists from the region, in english, second edition, ed. by Prof. S. Shupo, ASMUS 2004 (1st edition, ASMUS 2001)

We thank for the generous assistance: Goethe Institute, Thessalonica and Mrs Dagmar Junghänel, Institutsleiterin

3. A Anthology of Contemporary Piano Music by the Balkan Composers

The 4th General Assembly of the BMIN (2003) decided to publicatish an Anthology with contemporary piano music by Balkan composers, which would allow better acquaintance with contemporary music trends in each of the Balkan countries on a mutual basis. This Anthology is also to be published with pedagogical purposes being suitable for teachers at the music schools of all countries. In this way Balkan countries� music would access larger audiences.

The edition is not intended for sale and would include: 200 copies featuring the integral collection intended for institutions, libraries and teachers and ca 300 copies including separate piano pieces (of 4 up to 10 pages) for pupils.

The selection of the material for the anthology finished in June 2004 by each section of the BMIN (except from Cyprus, Kosovo and Macedonian Section). From September 2004, all othe materials are prepared for the printing. The publication of this Anthology is planned for end of 2005.

We are looking for sponsors.

4. Diether de la Motte � Kontrapunkt (in Albanian), translated by Holta Shupo

The book is already translated. Continue the preparatory work for printing (planned for the January 2005)

We thank for the generous assistance: Goethe Institute, Thessalonica and Mrs. Ute Petkakis, Leiterin Bibliothek & Information ; Bärenreiter Verlag, Germany and Mrs Christine Quentin


1. "Meetings", Summer Music School for young composers,

Tirana, March 26 � April 02, 2004

Since 2003, in the setting of the training programs for students and young composers, the DCCRM begann in Tirana, one time or two times yearly, workshops for electro - acoustic music under the direction of M. Oliviér Ménini (CNSMD of Lyon, France). This is a common project of DCCRM, Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Tirana, CNSMD de Paris and CNSMD de Lyon.

For the 2004, the workshop took place in March 26 � April 02, with the participation of 11 music students and young composers from Albania.

We thank for the precious assistance: French Embassy in Tirana and Mr. Samuel Richard, ex Conseiller pour la Culture, science et la cooperation; SOROS Foundation and Mrs Valdete Sala, Program Director and Mr. Geron Kamberi, coordinator; CNSMD de Paris and Mme Gretchen AMUSSEN, Résponsable des rélations extérieures et de la promotion professionnelle; CNSMD de Lyon; Arts Academy in Tirana and Mr. Ibrahim Madhi, Dean of the Music Department.

2. Presentation of the BMIN in Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina, May 14, 2004

In May 14, 2004, in the setting of the International Contemporary Music Festival in Pristina, Kosovo, with the invitation of the Mr. Rafet Rudi, Composer and Director of New Music Center, took place, at the Art Center, Faculty of Arts, University of Pristina, the presentation of BMIN.

In this presentation participated students and Professors of the Arts Academy in Pristina, Mr. Valton Beqiri, composer (dean of the Faculty of Music in Pristina), Mr. Baki Jashari, composer and conductor (RTV Pristina), Mr. Sami Pirraj, journalist (Kosovo�s Ministry of Culture), Mrs. Besa Luzha, musicologist, Mrs. Prof. Hamide Stringa, musicologist (Arts Academy of Tirana) also the members of BMIN: Prof. Sokol Shupo, President of BMIN (Albania), Mr. Georges Leotsakos, musicologist (Greece); Prof. Velislav Zaimov, composer (Secretary of the Bulgarian Union of Composers) and Mr. Rafet Rudi (Kosovo) in total ca 40 persons.

After that Prof. Sokol Shupo, President of BMIN presented the BMIN and DCCRM and their activities, the participants discussed on ways in which this Network could be more active in Kosovo by the various projects, information and bi- and multilateral cooperations. A part of discussions has been focused on the neccesity to complete some publications of the DCCRM (Art Music in the Balkans & Encyclopaedia of Albanian Music) with information on music and the musical life of the Kosovo. On this point the participants have been agreed that (with the cooperation of musicians of the Kosovo): a) in the second edition of the Art Music in the Balkans (planned for the end of 2004) would be included an article on music in Kosovo (Mr. Baki Jashari is offered to write this article); b) in the definitive publication of the Encyclopaedia of Albanian Music (planned for the 2005) will also be included articles on musicians from Kosovo (Prof. Sokol Shupo will write these articles).

We thank for the precious assistance: Mr. Rafet Rudi, Composer and Director of New Music Center; The Contemporary Music Festivalin Pristina and its Board.

3. XI Edition of the International Festival for Contemporary Music "Tirana Autumn"

Tirana, November 01 � 10, 2004

(Under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr. Terry Davis)

- 15 concerts in Tirana and in the provinces (Korça and Shkodra) with the participation of musicians from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Albania and Switzerland.

- The invited musicians realised, with the students and professors at the Arts Academy of Tirana, 32 workshop sessions.

- 63 compositions from all the world played, from this number � 56 works were albanian first.

- The total number of the public � ca 2400 persons.

- The Festival had a very good echo in Albanian medias, among others in 3 channels of national TV�s (Albanian Public TV, Klan TV, Top Channel) and in local TVs (Koha TV, Vizion Plus TV, Arbëria TV, Shijak TV, A1 TV etc.), Albanian newspapers (Shekulli, Koha jonë, Albania, Panorama, Tema, 55) as well as in the (according to our information until now) in Stockholm (Sweden) and in Sofia (Bulgaria)

We thank for the precious assistance: Mr. Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe; SOROS Foundation and Mrs. Valdete Sala, Program Director and Mr. . Geron Kamberi, coordinator; INSIG and Mr. Varuzhian Piranian, Executive Director and Mr. Genc Ruli, Head of the Supervisory Council; Austrian Embassy in Tirana and Mr. Horst Dieter Rennau, Ambassador and Mr. Herbert Zaforek, ex Botschaftrat und Konsul; Albanian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and Mr. Blendi Klosi, Minister and Mr. Arben Kumbaro, Conseillor; Istituto Italiano di Cultura and Mr. Attilio De Gasperis, Director; CIDIM; Pro Helvetia, Zürich, and Mr. Martin Gartmann, Head of the Music Department; Auswärtiges Amt, Austria; Tirana Municipality; Embassy of Switzerland in Tirana and Mr. Sergio Dini, Conseiller d�Ambassade; League of Albanian Writers and Artists, and Mr. Limos Disdari, President; Union of Bulgarian Composers and Mr. Prof. Velislav Zaimov, Secretary; Bulgarian Ministry of Culture; Swedish Institute, Stockholm; Centre de Musique Canadienne au Québec and Mrs. Mireille Gagné, Director and Mrs. Sarah Ouellet, Music Librarian; Alliance Musicale, Canada; Austrian Airlines and Robert Rieb, General Manager for Albania; Mr. Ass. Prof. Josif Minga, Universitety "Fan Noli", Korçë; High Music School "Tefta Tashko Koço", Korçë and Mr. Dr. Pandi Bello, Director; Academy of Arts, Tirana.

4. Round Table: Albanian Music Life and State Cultural Policies

Tirana, November 19, 2004

In November 19, 2004, the Network of the Documentation and Communication Centre for Regional Music (DCCRM) in cooperation with ESTA (European String Teachers Association) Albanian Section, the Albanian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) Albanian Section, ICSS (International Clarinet and Saxophone Society) Albanian Section, the Association "Friends of Music", Chopin Albanian Section and Music Student�s Association organized in Tirana a round table on the subject: Albanian Music Life and State Cultural Policies.

72 representants from 24 central and local music institutions participated in this Table (Ministry of Culture, Tirana Municipality, National Opera House, National Ensemble for Popular Music, Arts Academy of Tirana, Music High School "J. Misja", Institute for Folklore Researches, Tirana�s Municipal Band, Cultural Centre for Children in Tirana, Cultural Centres from Shkodra, Korça, Elbasan, Fier, Kuçovë, Berat and Vlora, University of Korça, High Music Schools of Korça, Vlora, Berat, Fier, Shkodra and Elbasan), 14 Music Associations from Tirana and Provinces who organise 6 important International Music Festivals and Competitions Network of DCCRM, ISCM Albanian Section (International Festival for Contemporary Music "Tirana Autumn"), ESTA Albanian Section (International Competition for Strings), EPTA Albanian Section (International Competition for Piano), Chopin Albania (International Chopin Festival, Tirana), the Association "Friends of Music", ICCS Albanian Section (Tirana Jazz Festival), Albautor (Albanian Copyright Society), the Choir "Pax Dei", the Music Association "Seasons", Music Student�s Association, the Association "Dream of Music" (International Violin Competition "I. Petrela"), Publishing House ARTES, the International Competition for Opera Singers "Marie Kraja") and 2 foundations for culture (SOROS Foundation, "Fan Noli" Foundation for Arts and Culture).

Within the first two Sessions of this Table, the participants discussed about a. the decisive role the music NGO-s played until now in the developement of Albanian music life, b. the necesssity to elaborate a common strategy for all music NGO-s in order to face the misses of the state cultural policies as well as c. the necessity to create a permanent and constructiv dialogue with the Albanian State Institutions of Culture (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and other state Institutions of the music domain), to assure a balanced and multidimensional musical life.

After the speech by Mr. Blendi Klosi, the Minister of Culture, the Table continued with papers from: Prof. Sokol Shupo, Head of the DCCRM Network (A survey on the Albanian Music Life), Mimoza Sofroni, Director, Arts Directory at the Ministry of Culture (Albanian Music Life in the policies of the Ministry of Culture), Zhani Ciko, Director of the National Opera House (State Music Institutions), As. Prof. Arben Llozi, Vice Head of ISCM Albanian Section (Music NGO-s and the integration of the Albanian Music Life in the World), Takuina Truja, Head of EPTA Albania (Music NGO-s from the educational domain), Edi Muka, manager of Tirana Jazz Festival (The Festivals as meeting points), As. Prof. Josif Minga, Universitety Fan Noli, Korçë (Cultural Life of Korça), Prof. Bujar Sykja, Head of ESTA Albania (Influence of the Albanian Music Life on the Professional Education of musicians), As. Prof. Pjetër Guralumi, Head of the "Friends of Music" Association (The necessity of new managment concepts for organising the cultural activities), Spiro Theodhosi, Head Chopin Albania (A monographic Festival: Chopin), Haxhi Dalipi, Director of the State Ensemble of Popular Music (Different alternatives for the organisation of the Folkloric Music Festivals), Isa Alibali, Cultural Centre Shkodër ( Cultural Life of Shkodra) and Elsa Demo, journalist, newspaper Shekulli (The medias and and Albanian music Life). In-between the papers, the participants also discussed strongly on the above-mentioned topics.

5. The foundation of the Council for Albanian Music (CAM)

Tirana, November 19, 2004

In the third Session, of the Round Table Albanian Music Life and State Cultural Policies, the participants concluded unanimously to found a Council for Albanian Music, which could function as an dialogue and public debate instrument in order to create conditions for a better and balanced development of Albanian musical life as well as to create premises for a realistic elaboration of adequate strategies and policies for its perspective. This Council aims to also become a credible partner for the Albanian Ministry of Culture while attending the better identification of priorities and needs of Albanian musical life. The Council will be hold one time pro year to analyze its activity and to specify its future objectives.

CAM also elected its board whose members are:

1. Prof. Sokol Shupo, composer, Head of the DCCRM Network

2. Prof. Bujar Sykja, violonist, Head of ESTA Albanian Section

3. Zhani Ciko, Director, National Opera House

4. As. Prof. Aleksandër Peçi, composer, Head of NAM

5. As. Prof. Arben Llozi, violist, vice Head of ISCM Albanian Section

6. As. Prof. Pjetër Guralumi, violonçelist, Head of "Friends of Music" Association

7. Prof. Thoma Gaqi, composer, Academy of Arts

8. As. Prof. Josif Minga, composer, Universitety of Korçës

9. Ritvan Karakaçi, musicologist, High Music School, Shkodra

10. Fatjon Dragoshi, Head of Music Student`s Association

During the break between the 2nd and the 3rd Sessions, it was also promoted the book: Directory of European Cultural Networks (in Albanian), edited by Prof. Sokol Shupo with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the Network of DCCRM, (ASMUS 2004). This Book is purposely compiled and translated for this event.

All the activity had a very good echo in Albanian medias, among others in 2 channels of national TV�s (Albanian Public Television, Top Channel), 3 channels of the of Tirana local TV�s (Arbëria TV, Koha TV, Vision Plus), Albanian newspapers (Shekulli, Panorama, Metropol, Koha Jonë, Gazeta Shqiptare, Albania).

We thank for the precious assistance: Albanian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and SOROS Foundation.

6. 5th General Meeting of Balkan Music Information Network (BMIN)

Tirana, December 10 � 13, 2004

From December 10 to December 13, 2004 took place in Tirana, the 5th General Meeting of the Balkan Music Information Network (BMIN) on the tema: Networking in-to Europe.In this Meeting participated in total 19 Music Associations and 7 Music Institutions from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania and Serbia & Montenegro as well as the representants of Albanian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

In the sessions of the first day of the Meeting participants presented papers on the tema Networking in the Balkans - a mode to "survive" for the moment or a real strategy for regional and European cooperation? Informations and experiences, which analyzed the situation in the respective countries and put in evidence valorous and practic experiences. The discussion is concentrated:

a) On the development of a eficient and common strategy of the BMIN in-to Europa,

b) This strategy to be founded on the specific priorities of every section of the BMIN, taking account of the different situations in the various countries

c) The necessity to enlarge the activity of the BMIN also in the domain of the musical education, who, it seems that regional countries are facing serious difficulties of the transition.

d) To amplify the influence and the role of the BMIN on the local cultural policies and on the local and regional musical life (Albanian experience in the foundation of the Council for Albanian Music - CAM), either organizing important activities (the proposal of the representant of Bulgaria for a Regional Festival of Music)

e) The necessity to integrate the BMIN in the inter-regional projects and initiatives (Balkan Union of Ministers of Culture, etc.)

In the first day, also were presented (in the setting of the program From music life in the Balkans) documentary films on the serbian Composer Prof. Rajko Maksimovic and three bulgarian composers (Pancho Vladigerov, Marin Goleminov and Simeon Pironkov), a documentary film on The Koprivshtitza Folklore Festival, Bulgaria, as well as an exhibition of scores and books by Prof. Rajko Maksimovic.

7. Workshop: European Culture Policies and the Balkans

Tirana, December 12, 2004

The workshop European Cultural Policies and the Balkans, was organised in the setting of the 5th general Meeting of the BMIN, in order to open new perspectives for the activity not only to the BMIN but also to the other Albanian cultural operators.

In this Workshop, who participated 52 persons (BMIN members as well as cultural operators from the music and other domains), the guest lectors presented papers on: Goethe Institute and the Balkans (Mrs. Dagmar Junghänel, Leiterin, Goethe Institute Thessalonica); Towards a Balkan Union of Ministers of Culture (Mr. Arben Kumbaro, Counsellor, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Albania) ; Swiss Cultural Program for the Balkans (Mr. Besim Petrela, Director, Swiss Cultural Program for Albania) and European cultural policies and the Balkans (Mr. Jean-Philippe GAMMEL Expert, recommanded from the Council of Europe)

In the evening of December 12, 2004, ASMUS Ensemble, Tirana, Albania presented, for a public of 126 people, at the Rogner Hotel Europapark a concert with works by composers from the Balkan countries: Özkan MANAV (Turkey), Laura MANOLACHE (Romania), Alexander TEKELIEV (Bulgaria), Georges, S. TSOYOPOULOS (Greece), Goce KOLAROVSKI (Macedonia), Valton BEQIRI (Kosovo), Rajko MAKSIMOVIC (Serbia and Montenegro), Sokol SHUPO (Albania).

All the activity of the 5th General Meeting of BMIN and the Workshop, had a very good echo in Albanian medias, among others in 3 channels of national TV�s (Albanian Public Television, Top Channel, Klani TV), 4 channelss of the of Tirana local TV�s (Arbëria TV, Shijak TV, Koha TV, Vision Plus), Albanian newspapers (Shekulli, Panorama, Metropol, Koha Jonë, Gazeta Shqiptare, Albania) as well as in the (according to our information until now) newspapers of the Kosovo (Koha ditore).

We thank for the precious assistance: Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki and Mrs. Dagmar Junghänel, Leiterin; Stabilitätspakt für Südosteuropa, Gefördert durch Deutschland; KulturKontakt, Austria and Dr. Kurt Wagner, Director and Mrs. Annemarie Türk, Bereichsleiterin, Kultur & Sponsoring; Open Society for Albania Foundation and Mr. Çapajev Gjokutaj, Director and Mrs. Valdete Sala, Program Director; Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and Mr. Blendi Klosi, Minister; Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturprogramm and Mrs. Flavia Fuchs, Programmleiterin, Südösteuropa und Ukraine; National Arts Gallery, Tirana and Mr. Abaz Hado, Director; Hotel Artur Europark and Mrs. Mirela Loci, owner; Hotel Rogner Europapark and Mr. Helmuth R. Rohrbacher, Geshäftsführer


DCCRM collaborated continually with Albanian and foreign medias (Albanian Public Television, Top Channel, Klani TV, Arbëria TV, Shijak TV, Koha TV, Vision Plus and newspapers Shekulli, Panorama, Metropol, Koha Jonë, Gazeta Shqiptare, Albania; with Mr. J. - C. Kuner from Deutschland Funk; the Swedish journalist Frederik Emmerfors etc.) for the realization of the broadcastings and articles on Albanian music and music life.

During 2004 the DCCRM participated also at various national and international music activities (Festivals, concerts etc.) and at various national and international conferences on the cultural policy, the regional cooperation, the copyright etc.

Prof. Sokol Shupo






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